Welcome to The Hosting Société

a private community for those who have mastered the art of experiential accommodations.

You've found us

Welcome to the hosting société (pronounced so-see-eh-tay), a private community for those who have mastered the art of experiential vacation home design.

If you are reading this now, you have accomplished just this. You have lead with your heart to create something extraordinary. You have perfected your craft, and in doing so, given the gift of escapism to many. 

At this moment, we would like to acknowledge you and your unique ability to transport your guests, friends, and family to other worlds. We believe that you deserve to be celebrated for your natural gifts and talent - we are here to pay tribute to you and your exceptional property - your work of art.

Who's Selected

We pride ourselves on our selectivity - in order to maintain our integrity and likemindedness, each member is carefully selected based upon their authentic approach to their property and style. We recognize those who bravely step outside the lines of conventional style in order to provide a honest and unique experience for others.

We have a limited number of members for a reason - not everyone appreciates the art of experiential home design as much as you do. Therefore, we invite exceptional hosts who meet a high standard.

Your Gain

First and for most, recognition for your achievement. It is an honour to be in your presence, as well as each of our société members. 

By joining us, you'll gain access to additional support and inspiration to elevate your current guest offerings, insider knowledge on how to accentuate your home and increase your bookings, opportunities to exchange equally exquisite properties for your own getaway, inspiration for your next perfectly crafted getaway, and connection with those who love what you love.

Mingling inside our community will broaden and extend your inner circle to develop intimate relationships with the world's leaders in experiential vacation home design. You are in good company.

Our Values

We love our homes. We take care of them as if they were an extension of ourselves. We do it for the art of it. The best part is knowing that because we shared our heart, we've improved another's lived experience.

We believe that supporting and collaborating with each other results in success for all. Competition is a losing battle. Instead, we celebrate the gifts each of us has to offer. 

We love art that reflects time. We create from a place of authenticity, beauty, and intention. We love to engage every sense of our well-being. We swoon over aesthetic and the delicate balance of elegance.

We are:
Exquisite, romantic, mysterious, feminine, open, fine, authentic, adventurous, warm, whimsical, vintage, patient, quiet, nostalgic, wise, and collected.

What's Included

Public Recognition: We will announce your entrance into our community both privately and publicly. Because of our selectivity, on lookers view our curated community as a source of inspiration and admiration. They look to us to create their ultimate bucket list for home and travel.

Business Resources: There's always more to learn. Discover how to increase your bookings, elevate your current offerings, and gain inspiration to keep your work fresh through masterclasses and group discussions.  

A Private Swapping Platform: Our platform allows members to showcase their property, as well as discover others who are interested in swapping for their own equally beautiful getaways. You'll be able to send a direct messages to société members to arrange trades so that you can reconnect with your guesting self and fully admire another's work of art.  

Signature Tours: Find out what it's really like to stay with our société members though the eyes of our founder, Samantha Pike, as she gives in-person special features to the unique properties within our community. All members are eligible to be featured. 

Invitations for In Person Private Events: Chat, dine, and celebrate. This is your chance to meet the masterminds behind the properties you have been swooning over. We arrange exclusive gatherings so that you can deepen your relationships and connectivity with our members and your true passions. 

*All new members will receive a complimentary private guided tour with our founder, Samantha Pike, upon joining our community.

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